Gosford Council Land Sale – 2015 Petition

You can act now by signing the petition and we will send this open letter to the The Mayor, Councillors of Gosford City Council and government representatives on your behalf:

Deborah O’Neill
Senator for NSW
Ms Kathy Smith MP
Member for Gosford
Mr David Harris MP
Member for Wyong
Mr David Mehan MP
Member for The Entrance
The Hon Malcolm Turnbull
Prime Minister
The Hon Scott Morrison
The Hon Mathias Cormann
Minister for Finance Senator for WA
Ms Lucy Wicks MP
Member for Robertson
The Hon Adrian Piccoli MP
Minister for Education
Member for Terrigal MP
Mr Adam Crouch
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To: The Mayor and Councillors of Gosford City Council

SUBJECT OF THE PETITION: Gosford Council Land Sale - 2015

On 8 Sept, 2015 Gosford Councillors considered a report provided by staff (SF 17 Land Strategy). The report indicated that Council’s Property Group has reviewed Council’s portfolio (of some 3200 land parcels) to establish sites with sale potential. The report provided a list of 20 shortlisted sites (as Stage 1) identified as having sale potential, with no further use to Council and having little community benefit. The review will include further stages.
We note that there is no documented Land Sale Strategy that has gone out for community consultation and that there has been no community consultation as part of the review of Council’s portfolio of sites.

We, the undersigned petitioners ask that
1. Will Gosford Council develop a Strategy and put this out on exhibition for public comment? and
2. Will Gosford Council undertake community engagement with the local community and interested stakeholders to assess the true social, environmental and economic value of any sites being considered as having sale potential?

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