Gosford Water Front – State Significant Development

On 1 October 2011, a new assessment system for projects of genuine State significance will commence in New South Wales.

The State significant assessment system establishes two separate assessment pathways known as State significant development (SSD) and State significant infrastructure (SSI). Projects that fall into these categories are assessed by the department.

Two statutory documents have been published to allow the system to commence:

  • A new State environmental planning policy – known as the State and Regional Development SEPP – which defines which projects come into the system; and
  • An amendment to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation which gives further details about how the system will operate.
  • The problem with this procedure is that community has very little hope of stopping this type of Development, it is being used to process the Windsor Bridge Development. The only hope is a full and independent inquiry into the process to see who is driving the project and who benefits. What is in it for whom is the question?
  • Due process has not been followed and is not Transparent. Facilitates sale of recreation reserves and public spaces for private purposes , by councils who are increasingly unaccountable to their communities.  The question to be asked is who has been able to influence the decision makers.
  • The Question is where is all the money coming from and who will own Gosford when it is finished


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