Digital Democracy series – Crown Lands

Interview 1

Claire is a prominent business woman and President of the Gosford Waterfront Alliance – in interview by David Abrahams in the Digital Democracy series NSW Crown Lands Management Bill 2016.

Interview 2

Kevin is retired and an informed resident of the Central Coast. Kevin is a well read citizen with a detailed memory.

Interview 3

Vicki is an immediate past councillor of Gosford City.

Interview 4

Nina is a resident of MacMasters Beach, an active artist and long time community worker and organiser.

Interview 5

Kay Williams is a resident of Pearl Beach, with a deep knowledge of local history and heritage issues.

Interview 6

Susie Gold is a resident of Willoughby and concerned citizen with a particular interest in preservation of pubic lands.

Digital Democracy Series – NSW Crown Lands management Bill 2016.
Hosted by David Abrahams presenter of ‘Digital Discussions’ on local radio.
Produced by Les Hornery in OI Studios Gosford.

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