An open letter: Upper House Inquiry – Crown lands in NSW Concerns arising out of Minister Blair’s testimony on 15 August 2016

We are most grateful for the opportunity to present our respective submissions to the Inquiry and
for a number of us to actually address the Inquiry at the various hearings.
Since the completion of those hearings, we have reflected carefully on the numerous submissions
made to the Inquiry and on the transcripts of the Committee’s public hearings. The evidence given
to the Committee on 15 August 2016 by Minister Niall Blair and by former banker Michael Carapiet
raises some serious issues that need to be brought to your immediate attention.
Please note, given the confusing number of name changes given to the government agency
controlling Crown land in our State, we will simply refer to this agency as “Trade & Investment” or
“Crown Lands”. The agency is presently known as “Department of Industry Lands”. Nothing
turns on these changes; the controlling minds have stayed fairly constant over the relevant years.
Minister Blair’s testimony betrays an alarming ignorance of the law and the facts………To continue reading or download, click on the below document.

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